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Fieldtorque Taranaki Ltd is a family owned and operated business. It was started in July 2006 by David & Kathryn Hinton.

David & Kathryn started up an Agriculture Contracting Business back in 1985 with mainly Massey Ferguson tractors and always sticking true to the brand through the years. After building a successful business with these outstanding machines, they decided to sell their business to David’s brother Mark in 2002 and venture into farming, purchasing David’s Great Grandfathers Farm from his Uncle, Robert Hinton.

It was about at this time David & Kathryn’s son, Carl left school and was still very passionate for the Massey Ferguson & Fendt brand. He went off to start his apprenticeship at the local Massey Ferguson & Fendt dealership in Hawera as a tractor mechanic.

Early in 2006 at the dealership Carl was working at, it was announced that it would be closing the doors and shifting back to Feilding. Carl came home that night and talked to his father David insisting that they must do something to keep the brands alive in Taranaki.

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Meet the Team

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David Hinton

Owner & Director

Phone Number: 06 765 8643


Carl Hinton

General Manager & Director

Phone Number: 06 765 8643
Email: carl@Fieldtorque.co.nz

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Dianne Higgie & Nikki Hinton


Phone Number: 06 765 8643
Email: admin@Fieldtorque.co.nz

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Vaughan McSweeney


Phone Number: 027 481 882
Email: vaughan@Fieldtorque.co.nz

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Tony Coombes


Phone Number: 027 884 925
Email: tony@Fieldtorque.co.nz


Jono Erwood


Phone Number: 027 605 8088
Email: jono@Fieldtorque.co.nz

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Paula Hinton

Parts Manager

Phone Number: 027 555 2937
Email: parts@Fieldtorque.co.nz


Mark Taylor

Parts Advisor

Phone: 06 765 8643

Email: parts2@Fieldtorque.co.nz

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Nic Burroughs

Service Manager

Phone Number: 027 477 5514
Email: service@Fieldtorque.co.nz

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Grant Childs

Workshop Coordinator

Phone Number: 027 259 2521
Email: service2@Fieldtorque.co.nz

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Rowena Bendall

Service Admin

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Reece Hann


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Jordan Heal


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Errol Hughes


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Graham Lovell


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Alan Price

Contractor Technician

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Kieren Harrison

Contractor Technician

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Leon Howells

Apprentice Technician


Brayden Fale

Apprentice Technician


Tylah Cooper

Apprentice Technician


Dave Digby

Workshop Assistant