OREC Rabbit Mower

The Power of a 4WD Brush Mower Looking for a 4WD riding brush mower to add to your selection of outdoor power equipment? Look no further. The 4WD Brush mower by OREC is truly a beast of a machine – making easy work of clearing the toughest of brush. This ride-on brush mower can tackle tall, dense brush with minimal physical strain to the user. The 4WD Brush mower is specifically designed to effectively take on dense brush and challenging terrain that can often cause significant damage to other mowers. This 4WD riding brush mower is equipped with two flail blades on either end of the center blade to give you all the cutting power you’ve come to love, with even more strength and stability to be able to safely conquer brush on slopes and harder to reach areas. Brush cutting has never been easier than it is with the Brush mower.

Featuring the unmistakable DNA of the Japanese company is a revolutionary cutting machine with extreme with its extreme cutting capabilities, pure cutting edge OREC cutting edge, a functional driving set-up and exciting work performance. The sleek new design is based on a robust frame with front and rear bumpers. The aggressive lines sculpted by the 4 tractor wheels give it a strong and unique character. Works well on slippery surfaces and uneven terrain with tall grass. Offering a sure grip, the OREC mower. Its differential system makes it possible for the operator to work safely and comfortably on any task.

ENGINE Kawasaki FS691V V twin 17.0 KW, Fuel capacity 12L, Transmission Hydrostatic (13cc), Cutting Width 975 mm, Cutting Height 50-120 mm, Speed F 0-10.0 / R 0-8.0 (km), Dimensions 2010 x 1045 x 1055 mm, Weight 356 kg. OREC was established in 1948 as a family-owned-and-operated provider of outdoor power equipment serving small-plot farmers and large property owners for the local region of Fukuoka, Japan.

$17,000 + GST

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